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Saffron Lions Retreat is located in the Pacific Northwest on a property (size) with a southwest exposure looking towards (facing) the Sunshine Coast on Howe Sound, approximately (check this) one half hour (30 minutes) north of the city of Vancouver.

(A great place to mention in future about the Squamish Nation – we now have other names for where we live).


The house is a single family dwelling which has recently been upgraded and designed for the purposes of providing a comfortable retreat setting for day workshops, meditation and consultation spaces. The property is located on a quiet residential street in lower Kelvin Grove, Lions Bay, British Columbia. The Retreat House is located on a property (size) with a southwest exposure looking towards (facing) the Sunshine Coast on Howe Sound. Every attempt has been made to consider the environmental and sustainable goals of the owner, with respect to the use of non-toxic products in the renovations and maintenance
Saffron Lions Retreat - Lions Bay

The house is built on two levels with the main living room and open plan kitchen/dining area on the entry level. There are three rooms on the lower level. All rooms have views to the sea and are facing the southwest seascape. There is a natural cedar deck on each level. Access to the upper deck is from both the living area and the kitchen. The lower, smaller deck adjoins one of the rooms downstairs. Exterior stairs between the two decks make it possible for a private entrance, if required to one of the rooms downstairs.

There is wheelchair access to the main floor directly from the driveway, but the downstairs can only be accessed via either one of the two sets of stairs.

The house accommodates 8 –10 people comfortably for group activities and it is possible for 2 - 4 people to share the premises for a fixed term live-in retreat.


Gathering Place/Sanctuary
Dimensions: 28' (length) x 14' (width to windows) 
Saffron Lions Retreat - Lions Bay
Saffron Lions Retreat  Saffron Lions Retreat Sanctuary 

Kitchen/Dining Area
Dimensions: Dining Area
12' width x 16' length

Fully equipped kitchen with modern (contemporary?) cooking facilities for guests up to 10 people. Two sinks and a middle island make it very easy for food preparation. Vegetarian cooking is preferred? Electric range with ceramic stovetop 
Saffron Lions Retreat - Kitchen   Saffron Lions Retreat
 Saffron Lions Retreat - Kitchen  Saffron Lions Retreat - Kitchen

Saffron Lions Retreat
2-piece bathroom
Saffron Lions Retreat
Downstairs Hallway

Consultation Room
Room Dimensions:
17' (length) x 12' (width) 
 Saffron Lions Retreat
Adjoining ensuite four-piece bath
Saffron Lions Retreat - Consultation Room  Consultation Room - Saffron Lions Retreat 

Guest Services Room

Area for guests to leave their coats, shoes and other personal belongings;

desk and office supplies; wifi (phone/landline?)
 Saffron Lions Retreat - Lions Bay
There is a small 2-piece bathroom
for clients across the hall 

Note that this room can alternatively be used as a private space for reading or meditation, or for any (how to say this, if someone has a treatment that requires the use of the bath, this is where they can have private time)
 Saffron Lions Retreat

 Meditation Room with deck

Floor to ceiling (hidden) storage area for all linens
Blankets and other bedding
Small bar fridge (freezer?)
Microwave/convection oven on deck ?
Saffron Lions Retreat - Lions Bay 

Laundry area
Note: A screen can be set up between the consultation room and ensuite bath so that two private activities can take place simultaneously. The guest using the upstairs facility would have the consultation room and bath for a teacher or other professional.

The second exterior entrance could provide for the use of the lower deck, meditation room, client services room and small bath 


Saffron Lions Retreat Views

Saffron Lions Retreat - birds
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A small semi-private wooded beach area is a few minutes walk downhill from the Retreat House. In the winter months, there is often complete privacy for anyone seeking a place of solitude in the natural beauty of the sea and the mountains.


There is a small path leading north parallel to the highway which is walking distance to the centre of Lions Bay. A small grocery store with post office, cafe and a library are located near the Village of Lions Bay office. Lions Bay has its own Fire Department and other emergency services are provided from the community of Squamish, north of Lions Bay.


Electric baseboard heat
Additional propane stove (TBC)
Wifi throughout all rooms
Security system
Driveway parking for three vehicles
Additional parking lot in close proximity (Village of Lions Bay day parking permits available for $1/car in advance from the Village Office)
The road is fully serviced in winter weather by the Village maintenance crews (i.e. snow removal)
Please be advised there is no entertainment centre so guests who want to keep in touch with current affairs, etc. should be prepared to bring their laptop
Special consideration will be given to guests who would like to bring their pet

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